Media Appreciation Christmas Party 2019 at 2PM, G Hotel Kelawai

12 December 2019 – In appreciation to the press and bloggers for their endless support, G Hotel recently held its Media Appreciation Christmas Party at 2PM, G Hotel Kelawai. It was definitely a night to remember with games, laughter, delicious food and bottomless glasses.

Mr Michael Hanratty, General Manager of G Hotel said that the media night is about fostering and strengthening the partnership between both sides and showing gratitude to the medias for assisting in creating awareness about the hotel.

Every pressman from various medias had to sign up for one of the 4 games with their imaginations running wild on what hides behind the simple names of each game. The games started off with “Junk in the Trunk” with media members shaking a bunch of ping pong balls out of the tissue box
that was tied to their backs which elicited so much laughter as it was a good workout to get them warmed up for what’s to come.

Who would have thought that a goat family would make a special appearance in G Hotel Kelawai for the next game? With this, G Hotel took media night to a whole other level compared to last year. The next game with a name so simple and short like Sweet Tooth, made media members realise how difficult it was to feed someone while spinning a hula hoop around their arm.

Drinking at your own pace is one thing, but drinking as fast as you can because your team’s success depends on it is another. Imagine having to chug down a pint of beer or a pint of Sprite, in a matter of seconds. This game threw medias who were seasoned drinkers to the edge but also brought out hidden talents of many.

The top three from each game were rewarded with room stays in either G Hotel Gurney or G Hotel Kelawai. While the remaining participants got a chance with buffet vouchers and hotel merchandises. Everyone went home with something as G Hotel never lets anyone go home empty handed.

It was definitely a night to remember for all media’s as they continued eating, drinking and mingling until the end.

– END –

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